Smart VPN Droid

Access popular websites from anywhere in the world without censorship.

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why am i seeing this page?

How It Works

You modify the DNS (Domain Name System) address settings on your device to point to UnblockUs servers. Once you change your DNS settings, parts of your Internet traffic will be routed through a Smart VPN Droid to remove geographical restrictions and allow free browsing.

1 - Sign Up

Sign up using the link above and receive a promotional first month for only $0.99.

2 - Change DNS Settings

You must change your DNS settings to the values provided by UnblockUs. You can do this per device (ie. on your computer) or for your entire network by changing the values in your router. You will likely need to clear your DNS cache by restarting your device.

3 - Browse Freely

Access the web unrestricted and without censorship. SmartDNS protects your privacy and provides access to websites that are otherwise blocked.


Using a SmartDNS will prevent your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from limiting access to the web you paid for and provide unrestricted, private, and secure means of browsing content online.



Unrestricted access to the web in a fast and reliable manner. Access websites with no blocks or limitations in a multitude of different regions.



The service is secure and private, no data is stored or examined while using the SmartDNS. Content is not manipulated and your security is enhanced due using trusted and reliable infrastructure. Rest assured knowing you are accessing the correct website every time.



UnblockUs DNS service is compatible with a large majority of devices and operating systems. As an example, you can configure it on your PlayStation, Xbox, iPad/iPhone/Android, Smart TV, or regular desktop and laptop computers.

Why am I seeing this page?

You are seeing this page because your computer is configured to use our DNS servers. This was configured by you or someone within your home at an earlier point in time. If you no longer wish to use our servers or see this page, please remove our DNS or follow these instructions to use Google's free public DNS.